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Roberts Bank Rail Corridor

Roberts Bank Rail Corridor wins Premier’s Award, Promoting Innovation and Excellence, in the Partnership category.

The Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program is an unprecedented collaboration of 12 funding partners representing provincial, federal and local governments, and private industry. The partnership delivered eight rail overpasses and a rail siding project along a 70-kilometre trade corridor. The route carries increasing volumes of international freight between B.C, Canadian and economically vibrant Asia Pacific countries, by connecting terminals at Roberts Bank, in Delta, with the North American rail and road network.

The improvements have boosted efficiency and safety for rail and road users alike. Separating rail and road traffic has enabled the expansion of the Deltaport terminal, enabled longer trains to operate and improved truck access at the terminal. The projects developed by the partnership have also enhanced quality of life in the five communities along the corridor, by eliminating train whistles, reducing vehicle congestion and idling, improving access to industrial sites and removing barriers to emergency response.

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Canada’s Pacific Gateway moves people and goods easily between North America and the world. Marine ports, railways, roads and airports provide efficient, reliable market access.


Building Markets ~ Growing Jobs

British Columbia is the preferred gateway for Asian trade to North America and the world. Transportation is a key support for economic growth and development. That's why it is singled out for special focus in the BC Jobs Plan. More than any other sector, it serves the dual purpose of generating direct employment and underpinning job creation, development and progress throughout B.C.

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